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Complication of IVF

Complication of IVF


In-vitro fertilization or IVF is a safe procedure. However, it associates with some common complications. The most common complication with this treatment is the failure of treatment, and the problem associated is the consequence of pregnancy risk, the risk associated with egg collection, ectopic pregnancy possibility, and ovarian stimulation. Let’s have a look at each.

Failure of IVF treatment:

Failure of IVF treatment is a common complication of this treatment. According to one study, the likely reason behind it is a failure of fertilization (5%), canceled cycle (10%), inability to collect eggs (1%), and failure of implantation. The failure of implantation could be due to poor synchronization or defective embryo or endometrium.

It is the most stressful infertility treatment, and its failure leads to emotional strain, depression, psychological stress. In some worst scenario, a couple needs psychological counseling. When we use any drugs and medicine, it has some hazards and side effects. The potential problems caused by treatment are a side effect of fertility drug, multiple pregnancies, ovarian twisting or adnexa torsion, ovarian cancer, and OHSS-ovarian hyperstimulation.

Multiple Pregnancies:

Some couples want twins or triplets, but multiple pregnancies are associated with severe risks like maternal and fetal complications. Along with this, parents have to plan all the financial options and face emotional distress and physical exhaustion. In multiple pregnancies, a mother and fetus have a higher risk. However, the risk can be balanced by the number of embryos transferred and a higher success rate in a single run.


Maternal Risks Associated With Multiple Pregnancies:

If all twins, triplets, and quads were born as healthy, there would be no concern, but in early delivery or other cases, the problem may be severe. Also, multiple pregnancies needed a cesarean section for triplets or more.

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