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Maternity Services

Maternity Services


Sunrisewhm hospital is with you on each step of your pregnancy journey. When you reach us for consultation, we lay out all the options and situations and make sure you understand everything before choosing anything.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in women’s life. When you take a test and find out you are pregnant, you are dealing with lots of emotions. You feel happy, scared, worried, or confused. And that’s okay; everyone went through this stage. But the great part is Merryland is with you throughout this journey.

We ensure your comfort and happiness until your baby is holding your finger for the first time. Our maternity unit has world-class facilities and all advanced technology that required for inspection and during delivery. The expert team of obstetricians and gynecologists monitors your case from day you consult us and make sure the mother’s journey from conception to childbirth remains most positive, enjoyable, enriching, memorable, and, most importantly, most important out of danger.

Whether it is a vaginal delivery or cesarean section, we aim to make it the most enjoyable and painless procedure. All delivery is attended by qualified neonatologists to take of infants and solve any immediate problem. Take the appointment and consult us.

Types Of Equipment We Use:

Doctor doing ultrasound scan for pregnant woman
Caucasian female doctor discussing baby ultrasound report with pregnant woman